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How to Issue an Invoice?

There are several places to create an invoice:

From the Bill tab;
From the client card;
From Matter card;
From the quick add button.

From the Bill tab;

To create a new invoice, click the Bill tab. Then, click the Add Invoice button.

Issue Invoice 1

From the client card;

Go to the Client's tab (1), and select the client you want to work with. Open the client's card, select a bill section (2), and with add button (3), select create an Invoice (4). 
Issue Invoice 2

From Matter card;

Go to the Matter tab (1), and select the matter you want to work with. Open the matters' card, select a bill section (2), and with add button (3), select to create an invoice (4). 

Issue Invoice 3

From the quick add button.

You can also create an invoice from the Amberlo Header by clicking the quick add button.

Issue Invoice 4

Invoice information

You will then be taken to the Create a New Invoice screen (pictured below), where you need to insert information related to the invoice.
Issue Invoice 5

1. Invoice number (is generated automatically and can be edited); How to set invoice formula.

2. Related matter can be assigned to the invoice (this will help you see all the timesheets related to the matter).
3. Seller information ( you can have as many sellers as you want). How to add another company or branch for the invoicing.
4. Invoice date shows when the invoice was created, can be edited).
5. Sales date (shows when the contract is signed, can be edited).

6. Related contract (contract information can be added to the invoice).
7. Invoiced by (who created the invoice, can be changed in client's card).
8. Service period start and end dates (identifies the period of the billable services).

9. Due in days (show how much time is given to pay the invoice).
10. Additional seller information (if you want to add any additional details about the seller you can mark the checkbox).
11. Customer (buyer that the invoice is created to, should be selected from the list).
12. Invoice currency (can be changed on the client's card).
13. Tax/Vat percentage (should be inserted according to your country's laws).
14. Buyer's additional address (if you want to insert the additional address of a buyer mark checkbox).
15 Invoice items are added through here. You can choose services from the list or you can create a new one in the invoice. You can choose from:

Services icon - services; 

Timesheets icon - timesheets;

Expenses icon- expenses;

After everything is inserted, press the Save button to generate the invoice.

We hope this will help you to start using it smoothly. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us via support@amberlo.io. We are always happy to hear from you!