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Trust Accounting Settings

Amberlo makes it easy to manage all funds held in trust on behalf of your clients.
Most jurisdictions require that law firms address three primary requirements when managing client funds (be sure to check with your local authority for rules that apply to your law firm):
Account identification. Law firms must deposit funds into an account specifically labeled as a trust account.
Segregation of accounts. Law firms must keep client funds separate from a lawyer’s own funds.
Accounting records. Law firms must create and maintain appropriate records of funds belonging to their clients.
Once you have administrator rights in Amberlo you can access and manage Trust Accounting Settings.

How to access Trust Account Settings?

1. Go to the General Settings and click Bills in the left-hand menu.

2. Click the tab TRUST ACCOUNTING:

Trust Accounting Settings1


From the Trust Accounting Settings, you can:

1. Activate Trust Accounting feature in Amberlo.

2. Set Trust Requests numbering formula.

3. Set default Memos for Trust Requests.

4. Set default Custom Name for Trust Requests.

5. Set default Trust requests Template Settings.

1.  How to Activate Trust Accounting feature in Amberlo?

The Trust Accounting feature in Amberlo is not activated by default. If you need to start use this feature you have to activate it:

  1. Mark the checkbox next to "Activate Trust Accounting feature in Amberlo".
  2. Click the button Save:

Trust Accounting Settings2


2. How to set Trust Requests Numbering Formula?

All Trust Requests will have their own individual numbers. You can create and set your individual Trust Requests formula:

  1. Create your Trust Request Numbering Formula (use Explanation of numbering format (5)).
  2. Select Symbols count in number.
  3. System will show you Next Trust request Number example.
  4. Click the button Save to save your changes:

Trust Accounting Settings3


3. How to set default Memos for Trust Requests?

You can set default memo which will be used in all Trust Requests:

  1. Enter (or change) Default entry in "Memos".
  2. Click the button Save to save your changes:

Trust Accounting Settings4


4. How to set default Custom Name for Trust Requests?

  1. Enter (or change) Custom Trust Request Name.
  2. Click the button Save to save your changes:

Trust Accounting Settings5

Provided custom Trust Request Name will be overwritten in all languages.

5. How to set default Trust requests Template Settings?

  1. Mark/unmark selected checkboxes.
  2. Click the button Save to save your changes:

Trust Accounting Settings6

Note: Be sure you selected a proper company (or branch) if you have more than one company (or branch).

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We hope this will help you to start using it smoothly. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us via support@amberlo.io. We are always happy to hear from you!