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How to use Cash register feature?

Amberlo allows you to create a Cash register account and use it for transactions.

1. How to Create a Cash register account?

  1. Go to the Accounts module.
  2. Click the button +.
  3. Select Account Type - Cash register.
  4. Enter relevant data and click the button Add:

Cash register 1

Cash register account will be displayed on the Accounts list:

Cash register 2

You can easily edit or delete a Cash register account using the button Edit and Remove:

Cash register 3

2. How to use a Cash register account?

Once the Cash register account is created, you can click on it (1) to go into it:

Cash register 4

Cash register 5

In the Cash register account, you can Transfer or Disburse funds, add transactions, generate Cash Receipt, or generate transactions Report, using the buttons TransferDisburse+, or Report:

Cash register 6

2.1. How to add transactions and create a Cash Receipt?

Once the Cash Register account is created, you can add transactions and generate the Cash Receipt:

  1. Go to the Cash Register account and click the button +.
  2. Enter relevant data into the Add Transaction window, and mark the checkbox Create cash receipt.
  3. Click the button Add:

Cash register 7

Amberlo will generate the Cash Receipt. You can change the language (1)downloadprint (2), or close (3) it:

Cash register 8

2.2. How to use a Cash register account by adding Payment to Bill?

Once a Cash register is created and a transaction was added, you can select a Cash register account to add the Payment to the Invoice:

  1. Open an invoice and click the button Paid.
  2. Select Payment source - Cash register.
  3. Click the button Add:

Cash register 9

2.3. How to generate the Report?

Once you have transactions in your Cash register account, you can generate the Report:

  1. Go to the Cash register account and click the button Report.
  2. Generate report window will be opened. Check the data, and do selected changes if you need them.
  3. Click the button Generate:

Cash register 10

The Report will be generated. You can change the language (1), download or print the report (2), or close it (3):

Cash register 11


We hope this will help you to start using it smoothly. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us via support@amberlo.io. We are always happy to hear from you!