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Google Calendar. How to connect, sync, disconnect?

How to access Google Calendar Settings?

1. Go to the General Settings and click Calendars in the left-hand menu.

2. Go to the tab CONECTION:

Google Calendar. How to connect1

From Calendars Connection Settings, you can:

1. Connect your Google Calendar.

2. Sync your Google Calendar.

3. Disconnect your Google Calendar.

1. How to connect your Google Calendar?

1. Click the Connect button next to "Connect your Google calendar":

Google Calendar. How to connect2

2. Follow the steps suggested by the system (select your account, click the button Allow). Google calendar will be connected:

Google Calendar. How to connect3

Note: Adding an account offers bi-directional syncing of your Amberlo Events with Google Calendar.

2. How to sync your Amberlo Calendar with Google Calendar?

1. Once your Google Calendar is connected, click the button SYNC:

Google Calendar. How to connect4

2. "Choose sync options" window will be opened. Select Create new Google Calendar or Link to existing Google Calendar and click the button SYNC:

Google Calendar. How to connect5

3. Your Amberlo Calendar will be synced with Google Calendar. Sync will happen automatically after changes in your calendars. You will be able to force sync or stop sync at any time by clicking FORCE SYNC or STOP SYNC buttons:
Google Calendar. How to connect6

3. How to Disconnect your Google Calendar?

1. Simply click the Disconnect Google Calendar button, and your Google Calendar will be disconnected:

Google Calendar. How to connect, sync, disconnect_last

For more information about Calendars Settings, click here.

We hope this will help you to start using it smoothly. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us via support@amberlo.io. We are always happy to hear from you!