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How to connect and use SharePoint with Amberlo?

Amberlo allows you to connect your SharePoint Online document storage. This feature enables a lot of great functions directly in Amberlo for much better performance and speed while working with Microsoft Office products.

Note:  Please make sure that you have all the required user rights with your firm's SharePoint account and have Administrator rights in Amberlo before trying to connect to SharePoint. In order to connect your firm's SharePoint service, you must have a “Global Administrator” security role.

How to enable and connect SharePoint service as your main document storage?

Please follow these two main steps:

Note: Only Amberlo Premium subscription users can use the SharePoint integration with Amberlo.

How to enable SharePoint storage as the main document source in Amberlo?

To connect SharePoint, you will need to change the main document source in Amberlo which is the file storage location. The default source is Amberlo cloud, once you've connected to Sharepoint, files will be moved and stored only in your own storage. This means you don't have to store your files in Amberlo, but you can keep them in your own SharePoint storage. This also removes the need for data migration.

1. Go to the General Settings:

Documents Settings1

2. Click the Settings tab Documents.

3. Select the sub-tab Document source.

4. Click the button Enable at a SharePoint logo and enable access to the Amberlo app:

How to connect and use SharePoint with Amberlo2

After a successful connection, Amberlo starts syncing the data with SharePoint. During the first sync step, Amberlo automatically will create a new folder in your firm's SharePoint drive with the name “Amberlo” and will automatically move all your current Amberlo files and folders into it in the same structure.

How to connect and access SharePoint files in Amberlo?

The connection for users must be enabled from the Amberlo platform to their SharePoint account since Amberlo must know if you have the rights to access all your SharePoint files in the app.

Once the Account Administrator has successfully connected SharePoint to Amberlo, you'll see an additional SharePoint option in General Settings:

How to connect and use SharePoint with Amberlo3

Note: If you can’t see this option as a user, please contact your account administrator to ask if Amberlo was connected to the firm's SharePoint.

To connect your SharePoint account as a user, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the General Settings - Sharepoint.

2. Click the button Connect:

How to connect and use SharePoint with Amberlo4

After you have connected, you will be able to access the Amberlo Documents module and manage it.

How to use SharePoint?

Once you are connected to SharePoint via Amberlo, you can start using it immediately via the steps below.

How to create a new Microsoft Office file directly in Amberlo?

Once you have an active SharePoint integration, you can create Excel, Word, or PowerPoint files directly in Amberlo. Just go to the Documents module (1), click the + button (2), and select

one of the usual Microsoft Office file formats (3):

  • Word document

  • Excel workbook

  • PowerPoint presentation:

How to connect and use SharePoint with Amberlo5

How to edit Microsoft Office files directly from Amberlo?

If you have an active SharePoint integration, you can easily edit Microsoft Office files directly in Amberlo.

Just open a selected file and click the button Open with Word (or Open with Excel / Open with PowerPoint):

How to connect and use SharePoint with Amberlo6

It will open a new browser tab with the edit mode of the selected file. Now you can easily edit the document and close the tab, all changes will be automatically saved in SharePoint. You will also have access to this document from the Amberlo Documents module.

How to sync SharePoint files with your device using OneDrive for offline access?

You can sync SharePoint files with your OneDrive application as well. Go to your Amberlo folder in your SharePoint document storage and follow these instructions:


We hope this will help you to start using it smoothly. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us via support@amberlo.io. We are always happy to hear from you!